Leaders in Research and Development
PCM began manufacturing doors in 1981. The requirements of the new regulations in the field of wooden fire, isophonic and lead-lined doors led us to create our own Research and Development department in the early 90s.
Our research and innovation have not stopped since. Over the years, PCM has adapted its products to market requirements by incorporating a wide range of tests and approvals by prestigious Certified Testing Laboratories.
As a result, today we have a series of products and combinations which are approved by EN 1634-1 Ei2 regulations with fire resistances of 30, 45, 60 and 120 minutes, and Acoustic Insulation Doors with 30/33 dB, 35/38 dB, 45/47 dB and 48/50 dB of acoustic insulation measuring airborne sound. Following EN ISO 140-3: 1995 regulations, and EN 14600-2006 EN 1191-C5 regulations regarding level of durability, we have over 200,000 examples of hardware available.

At PCM, we are characterised not only by our technical demands but by the strict quality controls we apply to all our products. Proof of this are the emblematic projects we have made carried out and the prestigious architects with whom we have worked and continue to work.