Acoustic soundproof booths
The acoustic enclosure you can mount yourself
Studiobricks is a new soundproof booth concept designed so that anyone can easily assemble it in just 1 hour. A practical and economical solution, ideal for amateur and professional musicians, which allows them to seamlessly install a soundproof booth in their home or practice room.

Studiobricks consists of manageable pieces and a patented joint system that provides a perfect fit without gaps, without having to applying silicone, screws or materials to cover slots, etc. One person can set up a Studiobricks booth in just one hour. All components are numbered and each booth is assembled and tested before being packed and sent to the client to ensure smooth operation. With STUDIOBRICKS, there are no surprises.

The high quality of its materials makes it an investment which never loses value and can be moved or transformed/made bigger with bricks measuring 30cm x 60cm/60cm x 60 cm/120 cm x 60 cm.