Soluciones a medida

Each project is unique. So is each PCM door.

We offer solutions which are tailored to the technical and aesthetic requirements of each project, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. We can manufacture using kinds of materials, designs and finishes, in any size and for any application. If you have a project, tell us about it. We develop the best solution for you.

Personalised Quality
At PCM, we mainly specialise in adapting our doors to our customer’s finishing requirements, working directly with the architect or interior designer and customising, at their discretion, the final decorative finish. As a result of this, important landmarks in Spain and other countries are enjoying our doors.
Also, if your project requires a Certified and Approved door not found in our range or requires special characteristics not provided by our products, we have the ability to carry out a special test to standardise any of our doors according to regulations.

FINISHES: Thousands of combinations at your disposal

chapa natural
Natural Veneer

Warmth, harmony and distinction. Natural veneer finishes ranging from oak to ebony, via walnut or iroko finishes.

chapa precompuesta
Engineered Veneer

Reconstructed veneer with a uniform pattern, without defects or knots. Can be given a special colour. The most common finishes are oak and wenge.

composicion chapas
Composite Veneers

Classic finish for doors with overlapping trim in the veneer finish required, and forming the frames and shapes preferred.


Classic finish for doors with overlapping trim in the veneer finish required, and forming the frames and shapes preferred.


With CNC controls, doors can be grooved with complete accuracy, from straight peaked grooves or even integrated into the images.


One of the most economical finishes on the market with a wide range of different finishes: wood grain, solid colours…

impresion digital
Digital Printing

We can further customise doors by printing a picture, a landscape, a text, etc. on it thanks to a new line of digital printing.


An optical glass door etched with the motifs requested and with LEDs that illuminate the edge of the glass giving it a suitable, special lighting, especially for hotels.

marco metalico

All our doors can be installed in galvanized metal frames, either aluminium or stainless steel.

ACCESSORIES to suit any need

Abrepuertas Electrónicos Openers & Closers

Electronic Door Openers & Closers

Barra Antipánico Tesa 1930

Tesa 1930 Anti-Panic Bar

Barra Antipánico Tesa 1970

Tesa 1970 Anti-Panic Bar

Bisagra Oculta Simoswerk-Tectus

Simoswerk-Tectus Concealed Hinge



Bisagras Inox

Steel Hinges

Bisagras Pernios


Bisagras Pivotantes

Pivoting Hinges

Cerradura 2030 F

2030 F Lock

Cerradura 4030 Cortafuegos Antipánico

4030 Anti-Panic Fire Lock

Cerraduras Electrónicas de Proximidad Salto

Salto Proximity Electronic locks

Cerraduras Electrónicas Onity

Onity Electronic Locks

Cierra-Puertas T-610

T-610 Door Closers

Cierra Puertas Dorma TS-68

Dorma TS-68 Door Closers

Cierra-Puertas T-660

T-660 Door Closers

Cierre estanco HS 48db Planet

HS 48db Planet Waterproof Lock

Muelle Aereo Dorma TS-68

Salto Proximity Electronic locks

Muelle Oculto Dorma ITS 96

Dorma ITS 96 Concealed Door Closer

onity openers salto planet tesa tectus simonswerk dorma